I had a dream of hearts separated,

Living apart with nothing but hatred,

And in life’s vicious hole, Left isolated

Whether in a grave or among a crowd, they are always dominated


By vague colors of ugliness and despise:

Green, and blue, and yellow in disguise;

Why even bother hiding when darkness is the veil

For every mocking eye watching in pale!


I had another dream with me inside;

She talked and walked and screamed out loud:

“That phony dream is nothing but a cloud

Trying to rain you with fears of doubt.”


I woke up to go back to sleep;

What was the end of that crazy dream?

Are others happy to see me bleed?

Are my fearful doubts driving me to come clean?


Whether was it a dream or a nightmare I had,

I’ll always lean on my heart for warmth no doubt

To enjoy every second of this vicious hole

Where no loneliness or domination to harm my warm soul.


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