When To a ghostly store I went,

A burdened old man greeted with his old hands.

“Give me a gum dear or I’ll gladly go,” I asked.

With a shocked face and trembling hands

He gazed at me as if he was remembering his past

He placed a hand on his chest, and the other with a gun came out!

What has happened to that old man?

Did he hear a “gun” with his deaf ear as my demand?

He placed the gun on the desk and asked me to chill out for a bit

“I once was that guy asking for a gun;

I was sad as sad could be

With nothing in the heart but voices of hatred:

Give me a gun to shoot my dead soul

Give me a gun to widen my heart’s black hole

Don’t lie to me I am a sinner

Let me die I’m with no use

Let my die or I will lose

This tragic battle with this desperate life.

But, this was the past, and I changed young man!

I lived for today and died in the past

To build the future with my bare hands.


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