A weird creature the Man you are;

You lost your conscious and lived in the dark

You used your power to mock and entertain

But to help the rest was to you completely insane.

Wake your sleeping conscious for which we all have once fought

It’s never too late to bring back what was intentionally lost

In a time when friends are hard to get

A knife from the back and villainy ahead

Listen to that wise guy in the mirror,

And go back when you still haven’t committed any error

Before you get vanished,

And from this transient life you’re banished!

Listen to your God who made you to worship

When knocking is the only thing you’ve done with your grip.

When in visiting a strange neighbor to an old friend, your time spent;

“Help me, I have nobody else,” you begged, but don’t you even dare to forget

That it’s God and only God who knows your every breath

To whom you can go not only in sickness but also in health.

So, there is some hope for you left

To restore your pure identity, God’s own gift.


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