open book


I warn you this might sound cliché, but each one of us is part of a story. Whether main or minor character, it is always up to you to decide. All of us have been through something we call “obstacle” in our lives, and the way you act in such dilemmas define your place in this story. If you went from a torch into serious flame, well then no way for coming back. What is done is done. Yes you can get over it, but you will never forget the pain. In other scenarios, you can simply ignore the so-called “obstacle”as nothing can stand in your heroic way of success. Neither this nor that would help you out. The main purpose of a rock in your future is to step on with every bit of strength you have, lean forward to remove this obstacle from the roads of new dreamers to pave it as good as new. “Embrace” is the word for it. Embrace every chaotic situation in life and make the good out of it no matter what. Endure, embrace, and learn as long as you have time to do so. With one step after the other, you’d use your climax, the turning point in your life, into the happiest future you would ever imagine. Hero or heroine, the roads are there for you to pave in your own special way to embrace.


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